You know that moment when you talk to yourself and you start smiling like an idiot because you are just so hilarious? Well this post can be summarized as that moment…YES it was a realllllly long moment!

I am no stranger to  the lazy bug weekends, that’s why I firmly believe that Sunday mornings should (involve endorphin raising activities-these vary between people- it may be a work out for some,or a roll in the hay literal or figurative! for others. Hey get your endorphins where you can, no judgements here!)  be easy … like your friend Shoquanda from uni! and there’s nothing easier than shoving something into your oven…just make sure its not a bun…coz those you have to raise for at least 18 years before they leave your house. Continue reading


Is yummy mommy- Zizmaroo

She says this about everything I cook!! She is wise beyond her years!!! And NO! I do not give her a “you’d better say it’s yummy or no toys for you” look…. that I reserve that look for when we have no company!

PEA & BUTTERNUT COCONUT CURRY SERVED WITH RICE | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com

PEA & BUTTERNUT COCONUT CURRY SERVED WITH RICE | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com

Over the weekend I used butternut squash for my Butternut squash pizza with a mint & cashew nut pesto, topped with sage & a basalmic reduction drizzle, and I only used 6 thin slices of the pizza so the rest of the butternut was just screaming out to me DO COOK ME….soooo logically I took a skiing holiday…I wish! So I came up with a killer butternut recipe.

*Whispering* I know I promised my no-churn ice-cream recipe…I promise that will be my next post!

First I have to share my numero uno (yeah I speak Spanish…..if you watched as much Dora the Explorer as I do -courtesy of Zizmaroo, then you would habla español too!!). As I was saying,my numero uno tip for peeling butternut squash is….microwave butternut for 30 seconds- 1 minute (depending on the size of your squash) this will make the rock hard skin acquiesce to your knife/peeler like an eager telenovela starlet (lets call her Juanita she plays the maid) to the leading man (we’ll call him Don Miguel- the devilishly handsome Owner of the Hacienda who was tricked into marriage by the Evil and conniving Esperanza)!….I cannot fathom how anyone can stand to watch that visual vomit…..why can’t we all just watch progressive television, like the Real Housewives franchise, Duck Dynasty, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta…. the L.A chapter is bit snooze inducing or even some program on Discovery science ( see how I casually threw in discovery science, throwing you off the fact that I’m a reality T.V junkie whose sophisticated taste levels would not allow her to watch telenovela’s!!!)

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