A love like mine is rare. So is the steak I just sent back to the kitchen. But you’d damn well better not send my love back -Jarod Kintz

I couldn’t agree more with Jarod, my sentiments about steak are: if a good vet could have it back on its feet in less than 15 minutes re- moo-ve (couldn’t resist throwing in a cow pun) it from my plate & put it back on the grill  ….I like mine Medium rare! Perfect segway for today’s post on my cast iron skillet rib eye steak with a basalmic vinegar reduction  served with a strawberry, avocado and sunflower salad with a basalmic-honey vinaigrette… I’m salivating just typing the characters!!

Skillet Rib Eye Steak with a Basalmic Orange Vinegar Reduction served with Avocado Strawberry Salad

abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com | Iron Skillet Rib Eye Steak with a Basalmic Orange Vinegar Reduction

The day: A sunday

Time: Some time between coffee o’ clock and coffee o’ clock

Place (s): My kitchen, Karura Forest, Toi Market, My Kitchen, My Verandah/patio/porch (whatever the correct name is!), My living room….the little girls room, back to the living room then….. “Abida! Snap out of it!”

Moving on…

Cast: Lister, Zizmaroo & I

Several Sundays ago my friend Lister and I took Zizmaroo to Karura Forest cycling. I could wax poetic about Karura Forest! It is one of my many favourite paces in Kenya and the fact that it’s about half an hours drive from my house (this is highly dependent on weather conditions – whenever it rains Nairobians turn into headless chickens behind the wheels; time of the month {NO this has nothing to do with PMS!} – there are fewer cars on the road mid-month…or whenever Energy Regulatory Commission reviews fuel rates upwards!; If I decide to stop over somewhere for a gigantic meal – I am about to work it off after all; whether KENHA/KURA (our roads authorities) have decided to repair roads during peak traffic times!! (which always seems to be the case)…….What I’m getting at is if the stars and moon align to create perfect conditions for my zodiac sign {VIRGO BABY!} I think I just failed miserable at trying to sound mythical with this last statement!, then it takes me half an hour!!). Which is Fantastic! I love the tranquility, the awe-inspiring vistas, I love to take walks there, cycle, jog ( this peculiar half trot half walk half jog that I do when I say I’m jogging!) I love Prof. Wangare Mathai, the fierce Nobel Laureate who literally had her braids pulled off her skull just so that Zizmaroo, myself and other Kenyans would not only enjoy being in the forest but also benefit from the numerous ecosystem benefits.

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The Kitchen is a laboratory and everything that happens there has to do with science. Its biology, chemistry, physics. Yes there’s history. Yes there’s artistry. Yes to all of that. But what happens there, what actually happens to the food is all science.-Alton Brown.

This quote is giving me such Dexter-esque inspirations (And just for the record I am referring to Dexter from Dexters Lab, not Dexter from Dexter – the tv series about the serial killer! great show though. So no need to switch off the lights and pretend to not be home, when I ring your doorbell!!!), who needs an apron in the kitchen?!, I will just go ahead and get myself a lab coat!

So for those of you who have the grace of Dee Dee in the kitchen (yes I’m milking this Dexter’s Lab analogy for all I’ve got!) read Alton Brown’s quote and transform yourselves into scientists….. I just might get myself a pair of geeky eyewear to go with the lab coat!



I don’t know about you but I do love a tool…. a kitchen tool….although God knows I have dated a couple of the former!!! But for this post I’m referring to the latter! I could spend hours poring over kitchen gadgets and appliances…the same could be said for furniture, flatware, Pinterest, Nigella Lawson’s cookbooks (she is my sHe-roe!!)….okay clearly this list is getting too long and I cannot for the love of me recall what I was getting at! MMPPPH! what was I attempting to get across??! Ah! yes I was giving you an insight into  my love of tools men with tool belts ( though I have to say, I am yet to meet a carpenter, construction worker, fireman or mechanic who looks like their counterparts in movies do!!!!). Despite my never-ending love of kitchen gadgets (and ice-cream) I have never dreamt of one day owning a ice-cream maker, and YES I said dreamt ( I dream of cooking ranges, fridges and food processors that I want to buy, I dreamt of the Le Creuset dutch oven that I now own….and to think I got it in adams market for Ksh. 1500!!!! STEAL! I also dream of other things that I will not be sharing with you as they fall into the WTI (way too inappropriate!) category. So enough about me and my dreams about shirtless  oooops I almost spilled the WTI beans! If any beans are to be spilled used for the strawberry and raspberry ripple ice-cream, then it should be Vanilla beans!!



I don’t care who you are, if you don’t like ice-cream, there is something inherently wrong with you!- Abida Buoro

I hope my friend Lister reads this!

If you aren’t devouring ice cream on account of  watching your weight….then you can take this to the bank because a very wise transgender (I couldn’t decide whether I should say wise man or wise woman…so I went with transgender!) said it :

Don’t be afraid of a few extra pounds. Fat people are harder to kidnap.

If the very wise hypothetical transgenders’ words have moved you then go ahead and sprinkle some chocolate over that ice cream, after all:

Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree. That makes it a plant. Chocolate is a salad.

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Is yummy mommy- Zizmaroo

She says this about everything I cook!! She is wise beyond her years!!! And NO! I do not give her a “you’d better say it’s yummy or no toys for you” look…. that I reserve that look for when we have no company!

PEA & BUTTERNUT COCONUT CURRY SERVED WITH RICE | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com

PEA & BUTTERNUT COCONUT CURRY SERVED WITH RICE | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com

Over the weekend I used butternut squash for my Butternut squash pizza with a mint & cashew nut pesto, topped with sage & a basalmic reduction drizzle, and I only used 6 thin slices of the pizza so the rest of the butternut was just screaming out to me DO COOK ME….soooo logically I took a skiing holiday…I wish! So I came up with a killer butternut recipe.

*Whispering* I know I promised my no-churn ice-cream recipe…I promise that will be my next post!

First I have to share my numero uno (yeah I speak Spanish…..if you watched as much Dora the Explorer as I do -courtesy of Zizmaroo, then you would habla español too!!). As I was saying,my numero uno tip for peeling butternut squash is….microwave butternut for 30 seconds- 1 minute (depending on the size of your squash) this will make the rock hard skin acquiesce to your knife/peeler like an eager telenovela starlet (lets call her Juanita she plays the maid) to the leading man (we’ll call him Don Miguel- the devilishly handsome Owner of the Hacienda who was tricked into marriage by the Evil and conniving Esperanza)!….I cannot fathom how anyone can stand to watch that visual vomit…..why can’t we all just watch progressive television, like the Real Housewives franchise, Duck Dynasty, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta…. the L.A chapter is bit snooze inducing or even some program on Discovery science ( see how I casually threw in discovery science, throwing you off the fact that I’m a reality T.V junkie whose sophisticated taste levels would not allow her to watch telenovela’s!!!)

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You Can’t buy happiness, but you can buy fruits, yoghurt, a blender and make smoothie’s (and that’s close enough!!!)- Abida Buoro

Tutti's very fruity minty smoothie | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com

Tutti’s very fruity minty smoothie | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com

Tutti may or may not appear on my birth certificate … that is all you are getting out of me on that subject! – you will need a crowbar, nipp clamps, a whip….ooooh I’m getting excited! SNAP OUT OF IT WOMAN! PEOPLE MIGHT ACTUALLY READ THIS!!! Ok, you will need to nipp arm twist me for me to divulge any more info on that subject!
I did an eponymous dish a few weeks ago (Abida’s Strawberry & Blue Poppy, Paprika Chicken Salad with a Yogurt Aioli Dressing) and I loved attaching my name to it sooooo I decided to give it another go….this post is based on the assumption that Tutti is my name!…how many people can say they were named after an icecream flavour….yeah my mom was kooky like that…the story she gave me is that she was obsessed with tutti fruity icecream for her entire pregnancy! I should have thought of that when I was preggers with Zizmaroo! Had I done that Zizmaroos middle name would have either been Pineapple or Mango!! Hahahahaha!

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There were times, especially when I was traveling for ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ when, I swear to God, I would feel this weight of my female ancestors, all those Swedish farmwives from beyond the grave who were like, ‘Go! Go to Naples! Eat more pizza! Go to India, ride an elephant! Do it! Swim in the Indian Ocean. Read those books. Learn a language.’ -Elizabeth Gilberts


Where does one sign up for ancestors who want you to go to Naples to eat pizza?!!!!

Posh is technically my cousin, but in all senses of word, she’s my sister I mean look at us we look like we came from the same pea pod!!). Well she and I had made plans for her come to my home with her gorgeous daughters Emma & Maya… the aim was to have a room full of gorgeousness …. and in the process of basking in the gorgeousness we’d squeeze in some catching up (for Zizmaroo and her cousins) as the mommy’s played with lego’s and braided each others hair. I mean not to toot our family horn but TOOT TOOT! Our gene pool is crazy out of control! SOMEBODY HOSE ME DOWN! its getting…whatever the opposite of sub-zero cool is… in here!!


Sisters never quite forgive each other for what happened when they were five…like the time I bit Posh’s back in a fight over God knows what!!! Ah! memories!

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I am going bananas… That’s what I say to my bananas before I leave the house!

source: http://www.jokes4us.com


Ladies and gentlemen there’s a bun in my oven?????!! (insert expletive!) the contraceptive failed!!!! (shoot me now!) … ever since I watched finding Nemo about a month ago (for the first time!!!)….I do love a good digression … the other day my friend Shella was making reference to the movie Finding Nemo and she said Nimo….as in Wairimu… It’s not her fault you see, her middle name is Njeri After All!!!! Shella don’t Kill me for divulging this on my very important blog that will one day have millions of readers! hahahaha! Next time retain me as your lawyer…or shrink if you want our pinterest conversations to be kept confidential!!! … back to the point I was getting at – ever since I watched Finding Nemo with Shella, Bambam and Zizmaroo, I have been experiencing ‘Dory’- like lapses of memory! What I really meant to say was there’s a bun banana cake in my oven! Don’t pop the champagne yet!….before I delve into the banana bread post allow me to share life tip #1 👇

Never make eye contact when eating a banana!

Mphhhhh… I wonder why!!

While we are on the subject I thought I would share some tips on how to eat a banana … You’ve been doing it wrong!!!


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Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. – Lao Tzu


I am the kind of girl who finds something that works for her and sticks to it… be it a skin care routine…brand of diapers that work for my little Zizmaroo (Sidebar: Major sigh of relief now that Zizmaroo is fully potty trained! The amount of money spent on keeping her tush nice and dry! LAWDY! It could have gotten me a Eurotrip!) …the spicy Thai chicken salad on the Java menu …a great Segway into todays post about a strawberry,blue poppy seeds and a chicken – Bear with me, I’m not about to launch into a ‘why did the chicken cross the road variety of joke!” I’m just listing the ingredients that went into my salad!

Back to my opening quote on change, I have been going through some major life changes and as earlier mentioned when I commit, I commit… that is until I’m feeling non-committal… which may be 5 minutes or 5 years later! For as long as I can remember, my go-to salad on the Nairobi Java House menu has always been the spicy Thai chicken salad, I never even bothered to look at the other salads on the menu … coz that would have felt like cheating – and infidelity is not my thing! (PSSSST there may or may not be a double entendre in my salad infidelity issues!!) but due to the life changes that I have been undergoing, about two weeks ago when I was getting my morning coffee to go, I dared to steal a glance at the salad selections on the menu and their strawberry and chicken salad caught my eye… (allow me to talk in third person because I feel like I dissociated from myself – what happened with that salad was truly an outer body experience!) 5 minutes later Abida, a triple latte and a strawberry chicken salad exited the coffee shop, 4 hours later Abida wolfed down the salad and within minutes of devouring it she decided she just had to attempt to recreate it!

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