You Can’t buy happiness, but you can buy fruits, yoghurt, a blender and make smoothie’s (and that’s close enough!!!)- Abida Buoro

Tutti's very fruity minty smoothie | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com

Tutti’s very fruity minty smoothie | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com

Tutti may or may not appear on my birth certificate … that is all you are getting out of me on that subject! – you will need a crowbar, nipp clamps, a whip….ooooh I’m getting excited! SNAP OUT OF IT WOMAN! PEOPLE MIGHT ACTUALLY READ THIS!!! Ok, you will need to nipp arm twist me for me to divulge any more info on that subject!
I did an eponymous dish a few weeks ago (Abida’s Strawberry & Blue Poppy, Paprika Chicken Salad with a Yogurt Aioli Dressing) and I loved attaching my name to it sooooo I decided to give it another go….this post is based on the assumption that Tutti is my name!…how many people can say they were named after an icecream flavour….yeah my mom was kooky like that…the story she gave me is that she was obsessed with tutti fruity icecream for her entire pregnancy! I should have thought of that when I was preggers with Zizmaroo! Had I done that Zizmaroos middle name would have either been Pineapple or Mango!! Hahahahaha!

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