Abida the kitchenista

For someone who likes to hear myself talk (in my head not so much around people!) … and stare at characters I’ve typed, it has taken me an inordinately long time to come up with a paragraph that would best describe me to you! The irony isn’t lost on me when I say my favourite phrase in high school was ‘Procrastination is the thief of time’ (I think i just liked the fact that procrastinate was a big word…it really wasn’t about the gist of the phrase!) I seem to have perfected the art of putting things off (A skill I perfected while doing my undergraduate degree!!! Where I assumed the phrase ‘save the best for last’ meant save the studying for the last minute…the adrenaline induced study frenzy seemed to do it for me!!!) TODAY I BREAK THE CYCLE!….Is it just me or am I using words to procrastinate getting to the ‘About me part’? Old habits die hard I suppose!

I consider myself to be a multi-passionate person, I will save you the run down through the list of my passions and restrict myself to my love for food.

……in the spirit of not procrastinating, I promise to finish describing my love of food to you really soon!!….In the meantime, please browse through the recipes I’ve posted…..Be forewarned you will have to wade through some of my mental chatter (remember how I started off saying I hear funny voices in my head!!!) to get to the recipe…I hope you will enjoy both- the chatter and recipe’s

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  1. nthiongo says:

    Having known you all my life, I could not have described you better! Took the words right out of my mind, and mouth (mind is when you can never say things in front of anyone.yeah, I just invented that and I think I deserve a grammy – originality act grammy award) …lol.

    I have a movie that could also describe you (and me of course), which I will share in another forum – lest I scare the entire world way from ever getting the chance to knowing what we are about. Please remind me to tell you what movie I am talking about here when next meet.


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