You Can’t buy happiness, but you can buy fruits, yoghurt, a blender and make smoothie’s (and that’s close enough!!!)- Abida Buoro

Tutti's very fruity minty smoothie | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com
Tutti’s very fruity minty smoothie | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com

Tutti may or may not appear on my birth certificate … that is all you are getting out of me on that subject! – you will need a crowbar, nipp clamps, a whip….ooooh I’m getting excited! SNAP OUT OF IT WOMAN! PEOPLE MIGHT ACTUALLY READ THIS!!! Ok, you will need to nipp arm twist me for me to divulge any more info on that subject!
I did an eponymous dish a few weeks ago (Abida’s Strawberry & Blue Poppy, Paprika Chicken Salad with a Yogurt Aioli Dressing) and I loved attaching my name to it sooooo I decided to give it another go….this post is based on the assumption that Tutti is my name!…how many people can say they were named after an icecream flavour….yeah my mom was kooky like that…the story she gave me is that she was obsessed with tutti fruity icecream for her entire pregnancy! I should have thought of that when I was preggers with Zizmaroo! Had I done that Zizmaroos middle name would have either been Pineapple or Mango!! Hahahahaha!

 All that aside, mid last week, I got home from work and I was thinking of making my caramel popcorn with a twist (more on that later) I did pop the corn but I left the twist bit out….is it just me or am I using the word twist a little too liberally in this post?! I’ve gone from nip twists to popcorn with a twist in 20 seconds! I need to pump the breaks!
I love a good smoothie, now I am yet to a good smoothie on any of my food jaunts…. I eat my words, I had the blueberry smoothie from coldstone creamery … call me Tutti-nochio (pinnochio watch out! I’m gunning for your position)…. I think my nose just got longer! The lies I tell! A while back pokiebear had ordered the blueberry smoothie, I was having a milkshake and I happened to sip his smoothie… fireworks went off in my mouth, if certain body fluids tasted like that ahem ahem…. I would swallow everytime….No Weezy, I’m not talking about saliva hehehehehe! (I call my friend Liz- Weezy, she is my brain tweeny….but she’s better at biostatistics than I am! I know she is doing a jig **insert Will Smiths getting jiggy with it lyrics** after reading this so I will go ahead and bust her bubble – I said you are better than I am….that doesn’t translate to ‘you are good at biostatistics’!)

To Love is to recognise yourself in another – Eckhart Tolle

Weezy it’s very scary that I recognise a very hilarious me (in a straight-jacket kind of way)in you!…Eckhart says that’s❤️❤️!

Now that I’ve gotten the ball bubble busting over with, I can dive right into today’s Tutti’s Very Fruity smoothie recipe, but first I have a confession to make *whispering tones* I have a shelf in my freezer that is dedicated to frozen fruit for my smoothies! So this is how it feels to be a Catholic!! #confessions

Tutti's very fruity minty smoothie | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com
The Freezer Door Tour

✦⊱ཞ Ingredientsཞ⊰✦

For one fruit pack 

( If my freezer tour pic did not give it away – usually make enough fruit packs for a week, so that I can whip up a smoothie on a whim!)

  • I/2 a banana – sliced
  • 3 strawberries
  • 6 blueberries
  • Some mangoes ( I used 4 pieces….I think!)
  • 4-ish pieces of pineapple
  • Some slices of melon

If you haven’t figured this out already then immmna let you in on the secret….you can use any fruit combination for your fruit packs putting more of what you prefer, omitting any fruit you don’t particularly care for (For me that would be kiwi’s). And if you have the patience you can forego the freezing bit and slice the fruits every time you want the smoothie!

For the smoothie:

This recipe yields 750 ml smoothie….I drink some and pour the rest into a mason jar to be consumed obliterated for breakfast.

Tutti's very fruity minty smoothie | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com
Tutti’s very fruity minty smoothie | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com
  • 2 Frozen fruit packs
  • 1 Tbsp Vanilla essence
  • 2 Sprigs of Mint
  • Frozen blueberries
  • 400 ml Yoghurt (For this smoothie I used strawberry Yoghurt, but you can use natural, vanilla flavoured or whichever one you like)

✦⊱ཞ Directions ཞ⊰✦

Pack all your fruits into a freezer bag….aaaaand wait for it…..aaaaand FREEZE THEM!

When the smoothie cravings hit just take a pack, plonk it into your blender, pour in the yoghurt aaaaaand… you guessed it BLEND! Once the yoghurt and fruit are blended to your liking (you can blend it finely or leave tiny chunks of fruit) add the vanilla essence, sprig of mint, pulse and serve. Garnish your smoothies with the blueberries and the remaining sprig of mint and sip away, let the fruity flavour with minty undertones transport you into smoothie utopia. Zizmaroo loves smoothies to bits, so this recipe gets her stamp of approval.

Tutti's very fruity minty smoothie | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com
Tutti’s very fruity minty smoothie | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com

Now that you were patient enough to read through all the drivel, I shall reward you with smoothie selfies…. it would have been a disservice really, had I not taken a million selfies of Tutti and her very Fruity Smoothie! So here’s my good deed for the day….and I promise I did not plan on colour coordinating my outfit with the smoothie!

Tutti's very fruity minty smoothie | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com
Tutti’s very fruity minty smoothie | abidabuoroskitchen.wordpress.com

I’m soon excited about my next post…it will be a no-churn berry Ice-cream recipe that I made yesterday and it turned out AWESOME!!!! Cant wait to share that with you. The whole thing took 20 mins to prep!!!! #instantgratification ….. well, it’s not exactly instant coz you have to freeze it for atleast 4 hours but you get the drift!

image-4 image-3


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